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ACEA Cabin

To access the documentation is necessary have the credentials for the reserved area.

The ACEAcabins are normally purchased and used by ACEA itself in its own distribution networks, but sometimes ACEA asks the End Customer to purchase them on their behalf.

There are different types of cabins, each of which is faithfully constructed by Ediltevere following all the specifications provided in the technical specifications issued by ACEA, including the possibility of creating fire-resistant (REI) structures.

In addition to the traditional ACEA solutions, where the electrical cabin is installed on a cast-in-place foundation, Ediltevere has collaborated with ACEA to develop a complete solution with a prefabricated tank foundation. This allows for a convenient passage of the medium/low voltage cables in the cavity created between the foundation bottom and the cabin floor, eliminating the need for designing and constructing a complex cast-in-place foundation with tunnels.

Furthermore, the side walls of each foundation tank have multiple pre-set fracture holes, enabling easy access and exit for the medium/low voltage lines.