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Chi Siamo Ediltevere

With over 60 years of experience in manufacturing prefabricated electrical transformation substations.

Ediltevere’s history began in 1960 in Sansepolcro, at a time when there were few manufacturing activities in this territory. Initially, the company was engaged in creating prefabricated floors for civil construction, and only in 1969 did it specialize in the production of prefabricated electrical cabins.

During the early years of activity, the true spirits of Ediltevere were Guido Innocenti, engineer Ezio Betti, and Vittorio Cornioli, who brought family and territorial values to the company.

Following the death of Guido Innocenti, the other two partners took his son Fabrizio under their wing. He was studying engineering in Florence at the time, and they guided him on his professional journey until he became CEO of Ediltevere.

Even today, Ediltevere is guided by the same values as before, and, strengthened by the experience gained in over 60 years of activity, it has managed to meet the needs of companies, public and private entities spread throughout Italy, and even Enel.

This know-how is the company’s added value, as it designs, produces, and installs electrical transformation substations suitable for all types of systems.

All prefabricated building elements are produced inside the factory. The electromechanical, construction, and plant skills have also allowed to identify a series of standardized solutions for MT/bt electrical transformation substations.

Ediltevere's team of experts supports designers

Over the years, the Ediltevere team has grown and now consists of engineers, surveyors, and electrical technicians capable of supporting the customer and the designer in all project phases. Having a team of experts within the company often allows for quick resolution of any technical problems, without the need for an external professional.

To support clients and designers, Ediltevere’s team of professionals can take on various activities:

  • Calculate the heat dissipation of electromechanical equipment, which may require an air conditioning or forced ventilation system inside the cabin;
  • Perform the calculation of electromagnetic emissions;
  • Calculate the fire resistance of the structure, when it is subject to a Fire Prevention Certificate or used as a fire station;
  • Design life lines to be installed on the cabin cover, to ensure safety during maintenance work;
  • Perform geotechnical calculations in case it is necessary to size the foundation on which to place the cabin (on request, technicians can also design the foundation);
  • Upload online the documentation according to regional provisions, to speed up the project start times.

In addition, Ediltevere supports designers by providing them with technical drawings, specifications, maintenance advice, catalogs, and regulations, which can be freely downloaded online in the download area.