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DG 2092 Ed.3 No Standard Box


DG 2092 Ed.01
DG 2092 Ed.02
DG 2092 Lombardy

This cabin, in compliance with Enel DG 2092 Ed. 03 specification dated 15/09/2016, is generally intended for users who request a new connection for a large amount of electrical power from Enel, to which Enel will ensure connection to the Medium Voltage grid.

This model is also commonly requested by Enel as a delivery cabin and connection point to the grid for energy production plants, such as Photovoltaic, Wind, or Cogeneration plants.

The structure is of a monolithic type and is divided into an Enel compartment, for housing the electromechanical equipment of the distribution company, and a measurement compartment, intended for the installation of measurement groups.

The thickness for this type of cabin is 9 cm for the walls, 10 cm for the floor, and 8 cm for the roof slab.

Upon customer request, the structure can be accompanied by a precast foundation tank, also of a monolithic type, used for the passage of incoming and outgoing electrical cables, in compliance with Enel DG 2092 specifications.

Previous edition DG 2092 Ed. 2 is also available.


6.70 meters x 2.48 meters x 2.48 meters (height)


Enel Compartment: 5.53 meters x 2.30 meters x 2.30 meters (height)
Measurement Compartment: 0.90 meters x 2.30 meters x 2.30 meters (height)