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Ediltevere Prefabricated Cabins

Since 1969, Ediltevere has specialized in the production and installation of electrical cabins made of vibrated reinforced concrete (v.r.c.). Based on the different types of structures used, we can distinguish two categories of cabins:

The choice between the two different types depends on the intended use of the cabin. In both cases, Ediltevere can supply the cabin with or without a prefabricated foundation.

All structures are built in accordance with current regulations for the management of reinforced concrete works and in line with the CEI standards applicable in the sector.

The modular elements are made of vibrated concrete RcK 40N/mm2, made with high-strength CEM I 52.5 R type cement and adequately reinforced (low flammability material as required by CEI 11-1 standard at point 6.5.2 and CEI 17-63 at point 5.5).

The joints that connect the different elements, when present, are sealed with high-quality products to ensure perfect water tightness. This is done in order to assign the structure an IP33 protection degree according to CEI 70-1 standards.

The Main Prefabricated Cabins

Prefabricated structures for electrical cabins are suitable for various uses and are employed in many sectors. All Ediltevere prefabricated structures are designed and produced within the Sansepolcro-based factory. Indeed, the cabins can be customized according to the client’s needs.

When not only the prefabricated structure is required, but also the internal equipment, the complete electrical cabins are the ideal solution, as they offer the opportunity to have a turnkey product, with a single certifier.

This type of cabin, already equipped with electromechanical systems, is delivered to the construction site fully assembled and only requires connection to the electrical network.

If only the prefabricated structure is needed, there are various solutions to choose from.