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DG 10197 Ed.3 Microbox

This cabin, compliant with the Enel DG 10197 Ed. 03 specification of 15/09/2016, is generally intended for customers requesting a new connection from Enel, to which Enel will ensure the connection to the Low Voltage grid.

The structure is monolithic in type, consisting of a single compartment for the housing of the electromechanical equipment of the distribution company.

For this type of cabin, the thickness is 7 cm for the walls, 15 cm for the roof slab, and 20 cm for the base.

The structure includes a fiberglass cabinet for low-voltage switches and a prefabricated foundation slab used for the passage of incoming and outgoing electrical cables, both compliant with the Enel DG 10197 Ed. 03 specification of 15/09/2016.

It is also equipped with two fiberglass ventilation grilles and a stainless steel oil collection tray to prevent any possible oil leakage into the surrounding environment.

Previous editions DG 10197 Ed. 2 – DG 10197 Ed. 1 – DG 2082 are also available.


1.14 meters x 1.66 meters x 2.00 meters (height)


1.10 meters x 1.60 meters x 1.80 meters (height)