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Enel Cabins: Panel Boxes

Various types of Enel cabins:

Sometimes, instead of the more common Monoblock models, Enel requires customers in need of a connection to the medium or low voltage grid to have a cabin with different dimensions from the standard, which can be achieved through modular panel systems.

The modular panel electrical cabin is used when it is not possible to install a standard-sized Monoblock model, usually due to space limitations at the installation site. This solution fully complies with Enel specification DG 2092 Rev. 02 of July 1, 2011, and previous versions, except for the room dimensions.

How we assist you:

The Enel cabins with modular panels are assembled by our specialized staff directly at the destination construction site. Upon request from Enel or the customer, it can be equipped with a prefabricated foundation basin used for the passage of incoming and outgoing electrical cables, also compliant with Enel specification DG 2092.

The roof is waterproofed with tar-coated membrane, the walls are finished with fine quartz paints that can be customized in color, and they are equipped with Enel-approved fiberglass fixtures.

For this type of Enel cabins, the thickness is:

  • 9 cm for the walls,
  • 10 cm for the floor,
  • and a minimum of 12 cm for the roof slab.