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MV/bt Transformation Substations

MT/LV transformation cabins are necessary for end customers with high energy demand, where the distribution entity (e.g., Enel, Acea, Hera, etc.) supplies electricity in Medium Voltage, and the user must independently transform it into Low Voltage.

This transformation can be achieved by coupling an Enel DG 2092 delivery unit with a monoblock housing QMT (Medium Voltage/Low Voltage Transformer) and QBT (Low Voltage Switchgear), or within a modular panel cabin composed of Enel-Measurement-User compartments, designed and sized according to the needs of the distribution entity and the end customer.

Ediltevere cabins are malleable and customizable according to the equipment they need to contain. They are designed to accommodate Medium Voltage Panels, oil or resin insulated transformers, and Low Voltage Switchgear of any type and quantity.

As the number or size of electrical equipment varies, the dimensions of the cabin will also change, adapting to better meet the needs of electrical or civil installations.

The wide range of Ediltevere electrical cabins includes a series of monoblock solutions that fit well in standard situations. However, for all specific requirements, it is always possible to study a tailor-made solution, both in monoblock and modular panel configurations.