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Panel Cabins

When, in order to meet specific plant or civil design requirements, the cabins have dimensions that prevent them from being built and transported as a whole, they are constructed with modular panels and assembled by our specialized personnel directly at the destination site.

These are the classic “custom-made” cabins that can be built with panels of thickness 8.00 cm – 9.00 cm – 12.00 cm – 16.00 cm – 20.00 cm, which are suitable for accommodating Generators and boilers that require a minimum fire resistance rating of REI 120.

The roof is waterproofed with tarred membrane, while the walls are finished with customizable fine quartz paint. Additionally, they are equipped with customer-choice fiberglass or metal fixtures in terms of quantity, type, and positioning.

Ventilation inside the structures, to dissipate heat generated by the electromechanical equipment and prevent condensation, can occur naturally through ventilation windows or be forced through motorized air extractors.

They can be placed on a customer-provided on-site foundation, although typically a prefabricated foundation of the tank type (also produced by Ediltevere) is used. This design creates a usable cavity between the foundation and the cabin floor for convenient passage of medium and low voltage cables, eliminating the need to design and construct a complex in-situ foundation with tunnels.

The side walls of each foundation tank feature pre-established fracture holes, allowing easy entry and exit of medium and low voltage lines.

The tank can also be used, with appropriate accessories, as an oil collection pit as required by CEI standards.

Note: The type, quantity, and positioning of windows and internal dividers can be chosen based on individual needs.

Please send us the sketch of the cabin you require via email or fax, and we will provide you with the executive drawing based on our construction standards.